BC Utilities Commission Rules that a Strata Corporation’s Propane System Operator is a Public Utility

BC Utilities Commission Rules that a Strata Corporation’s Propane System Operator is a Public Utility

By Paul G. Mendes, Partner
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Re: Superior Propane at Seascapes Development Ltd. Order G-133-15

The BC Utilities Commission has ruled that the operator of a propane delivery system in a strata development is a “public utility” subject to regulation by the Commission.  Under the terms of the order, the operator must meet certain requirements of the Utilities Commission Act, including filing a schedule of its current rates for review by the Commission.

The case came to the Commission’s attention following complaints from the strata manager and the owners of a 100-unit strata development property known as Seascapes, against Superior Plus LP doing business under the name Superior Propane.  As a result of the Order, the Commission now has the power to approve the rates charged by Superior to the strata, and to determine whether those rates are “just and reasonable”. Superior has been given an opportunity to apply for an exemption under the Utilities Commission Act.

Depending on the outcome of Superior’s application for an exemption, or any appeals, this order may have implications for other strata, especially those that are equipped with geothermal systems and similar utility/energy services.

For jurisdictional reasons, Commission could not examine the legality of this arrangement under the Strata Property ActA previous unreported decision of the BC Supreme Court has questioned the legality of “bulk contracts” between strata corporations and cable/Internet service providers.

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