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Join Lesperance Mendes Lawyers at #BUILDEXVancouver on March 23 & 24, 2022 as our industry comes together for seminars, keynotes, sourcing, networking and more. Naomi Rozenberg and John Mendes will be presenting “Condominiums and Construction Warranties: 2-5-10 Warranties and More” – a comprehensive review of construction warranties and practical advice for reporting construction defects. This session is strongly recommended for strata agents and property managers of all levels. The course will:

  •  review deadlines applicable to 2-5-10 warranties and to other (often overlooked) warranties offered by contractors, suppliers and manufacturers,
  • discuss information to include in a warranty claim,
  • explain how, when and where to deliver warranty claims,
  • recommend “best practices” for reporting and tracking warranty claims and repair work, and
  • describe litigation deadlines that apply to construction defect and warranty claims.

Property managers will leave this session feeling confident that they are providing sound advice to their clients, empowering strata councils to maximize the value of their warranties, and fulfilling their professional responsibilities.
The early bird deadline is this Friday, February 25 so reserve your spot by registering today.
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