Strata Alert: Mastering the Strata Warranty Process


Naomi Rozenberg, Partner
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Lesperance Mendes’ Naomi Rozenberg was interviewed by Brent Anderson and James Milne, hosts of the Stratagize podcast about best practices for navigating the construction warranty process.

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Here is a description of the episode:

In this episode, Brent and James dive into the world of strata warranties with Naomi Rozenberg, partner with Lesperance Mendes and equip you with knowledge & best practices to navigate the process with confidence. Understanding and implementing these tips will help ensure a smooth and successful warranty experience.


Set expectations with your strata manager around their level of involvement with the warranty process.


🛠 Five key reporting deadlines that are tied to the commencement date: 12 month, 15 month, 2 year, 5 year and 10 year.

🛠 Engineering reports can take six months to complete. Plan well in advance of your deadlines.

🛠  Read through warranty manual & create calendar reminders for key dates & deadlines. Read through maintenance manual, review recommendations and create spreadsheet of what needs to be done & when.

🛠  Watch out for warranty deadlines that expire at 12:01am.



The strata corporation is responsible for deficiencies in the strata lot.


Strata corporations are responsible for deficiencies with common and limited common property.


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