Terminating your Employee for No-Show is a No-Go: What Employers can Learn from Wong v. Polynova Industries Inc.

By Naomi Rozenberg Phone: 604-685-3911 Email: nrr@lmlaw.ca Consider this scenario: Your employee says he is not feeling well and will be taking a few days off work. After a few days, however, the employee does not report to work. Days turn into weeks, and he is still a no-show. You try calling him, but you […]

Employer Sponsorship of Men-Only Ski Event Found to be Discriminatory

McConaghie v. Systemgroup Consulting Inc., 2014 HRTO 295 Naomi Rozenberg, nrr@lmlaw.ca Phone: 604-685-3911 Paul G. Mendes, pgm@lmlaw.ca Phone: 604-685-4894 Sometimes even your best marketing ideas can land you in hot water with the Human Rights Tribunal. Systemgroup Consulting Inc. sponsored a customer appreciation day that was for men only. Systemgroup paid for some male employees […]

Contractors May Be Entitled to Reasonable Notice of Termination

Khan v. All-Can Express Ltd., 2014 BCSC 1429 By Naomi Rozenberg, Associate Phone: 604-685-3911 Email: nrr@lmlaw.ca A recent BC Supreme Court decision confirms that contractors who are in an economically dependent relationship are entitled to reasonable notice of termination or pay in lieu of notice. Khan v. All-Can Express Ltd., 2014 BCSC 1429 involved a […]

The Basics of Employment Law Every Employee Should Know

Depending on your situation, you can take your employer to court if you are still working for them or after you quit or are terminated. If you are having issues at work, you should try to negotiate with your employer so that you can come up with a solution that you can both agree upon. […]

Wrongful Dismissal Vs. Termination Without Cause

The most common cases encountered in employment law are those in which an employee has been terminated from a job and wants to know what their rights are. To fairly assess these cases, it is essential to distinguish between situations of wrongful dismissal and termination without cause. Wrongful Dismissal Wrongful dismissal is when an employer […]