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Seller’s Remorse: Presale Contracts in a Rising Real Estate Market

Presale Contracts in a Rising Real Estate Market By Naomi Rozenberg and Lucas Johnson The recent case of Zheng v. Anderson Square Holdings Ltd., 2024 BCSC 216 highlights the need for a presale buyer to carefully review their contract of purchase and sale and be prepared to legally challenge a developer’s attempt to improperly terminate the contract […]


The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently dismissed a noise complaint against a condo corporation, emphasizing the complex balance between individual rights and communal living. The case highlights the necessity for strata corporations to navigate noise complaints with legal guidance, ensuring fairness and reasonableness in communal environments.

Strata Alert: Online Tribunal Unable To Penalize Online Harassment of Strata Representatives

The article ‘Strata Alert: Online Tribunal Unable To Penalize Online Harassment of Strata Representatives’ discusses challenges faced by strata corporations in combating online harassment. It highlights the Civil Resolution Tribunal’s (CRT) decision in Strata Plan BCS3636 v. Burmy, where standard bylaws were deemed ineffective for digital harassment issues. The article suggests considering new bylaws to address online behavior and recommends strata corporations seek legal advice for appropriate regulations.

Strata Alert: BC Sets Deadlines for Stratas to Obtain Electrical Planning Reports

The article ‘Adapting to Bill 22: New Electrical Planning Reports for BC Strata Corporations’ highlights critical changes to the Strata Property Act, emphasizing the need for electrical planning reports in strata corporations with 5 or more lots. It outlines the deadlines for compliance, varying by region, and the broader aim to support EV charging infrastructure. The piece also advises strata corporations to consult with legal experts like Lesperance Mendes for navigating these new requirements

Strata Alert: Mastering the Strata Warranty Process

Lesperance Mendes’ Naomi Rozenberg was interviewed by Brent Anderson and James Milne, hosts of the Stratagize podcast about best practices for navigating the construction warranty process and equip you with knowledge & best practices to navigate the process with confidence. Understanding and implementing these tips will help ensure a smooth and successful warranty experience.

Strata Alert: Stratagize Podcast – Balancing Efficiency And Informed Decisions: Exploring The Impact Of The Civil Rights Tribunal On Resolving Strata Matters

Lesperance Mendes’ Alex Chang was recently a guest on the Stratagize podcast where he shared his knowledge and experience concerning the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT). Download the episode here or wherever you get your podcasts. Here are the show notes: In this episode, Brent and James meet with Alex Chang, partner at Lesperance Mendes and […]

Your Complaints are Warranted: Important Information about 2-5-10 Warranty Repairs

Homeowners and strata corporations that submit 2-5-10 new home warranty claims ultimately want their construction defects to be repaired. However, many owners are not familiar with a warranty provider’s… […]

Strata Alert: BC Supreme Court Decision Sheds Doubt on the Practice of Developers Selling Parking Lease Assignments

In Abstract Projects Inc. v Strata Plan EPS6069, 2023 BCSC 42, Lesperance Mendes won another victory for our clients in the BC Supreme Court, preventing a developer from assigning parking spaces under a lease… […]

Strata Alert: Top Ten 2-5-10 Home Warranty Mistakes

All condominiums have “2-5-10” warranty insurance that covers defects for 15 months, 24 months, 5 years and 10 years. The following is a “top 10” list of how warranty claims can go wrong, based on 20+ years of advising strata corporations and homeowners… […]

Strata Alert: Top 5 Issues For New Strata Corporations – #3 Amounts Owing By Developer for Expenses

This ongoing countdown series of Strata Alerts reviews the five most urgent matters a new strata corporation should address. The first article in this series discussed the importance of owners taking control of the… […]