Terminating your Employee for No-Show is a No-Go: What Employers can Learn from Wong v. Polynova Industries Inc.

Consider this scenario: Your employee says he is not feeling well and will be taking a few days off work. After a few days, however, the employee does not report to work. Days turn into weeks, and he is still a no-show. You try calling him, but you are unable to reach him. More time goes by, and the employee has not made any attempt to contact you. You assume he has quit, and you hire a replacement to do his job. […]

Supreme Court of Canada affirms benefits during reasonable notice period included in damages for termination.

Typically, a terminated employee is owed damages for any benefits that they would have earned during their reasonable notice period, such as commissions or pensions. In Matthews v. Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd., 2020 SCC 26, the Supreme Court found that the provisions of an incentive plan were not sufficiently clear to remove the employee’s right to damages for lost incentive plan benefits.[…]

What You Need To Know About Workplace Harassment

There are a few different types of harassment that can occur in the workplace, and unfortunately, these things do happen. Workplace harassment is a form of discrimination, and it is illegal whether it is verbal harassment or physical harassment based on a person’s sex, race, or religion. Harassment Becomes Unlawful When: • Dealing with the […]