Strata Collections and Forced Sales

Dedicated Enforcement of Strata Property Law Violations

When unit owners of strata corporations violate bylaws or fail to pay mandated fees, our clients need help with enforcement actions. Notifications of transgressions may effectively communicate and resolve the problem. However, financial penalties in the form of fines can convince owners to comply.

We also represent owners who wish to challenge improperly levied bylaw fines.

At Lesperance Mendes, we represent owners and strata corporations in Greater Vancouver with strata fine and strata fee collections.

The Need for Strata Collections and Forced Sales

Collections and forced sales are necessary strategies when unit owners are delinquent in the payment of monthly strata fees, fines for bylaw violations and special levies. Much like filing a lawsuit when negotiations fail, we take legal action in collection efforts or force a sale of the unit to collect monies owed.

The timely collection of bylaw fines, strata fees and special levies is essential to good strata management. Our experienced strata lawyers can assist your strata corporation to collect all its unpaid fines, strata fees and special levies.

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