Vancouver Corporate Governance Lawyers

Representing Strata Corporations in Governance-Related Matters

Establishing a strata corporation is a complex process. At Lesperance Mendes, we set up strata corporations on behalf of clients to administer and maintain property benefiting unit holders and enforcing articles.

Strata title properties have their own corporations. Unit owners — not tenants — automatically become members of the corporation. We represent owners in handling legal matters involving administrative issues and dispute resolution.

Corporate Governance Lawyers Helping With Strata Management

At Lesperance Mendes, we assist soon-to-be strata corporations with the drafting of laws and detailed reviewing of:

  • Consulting contracts
  • Tender packages
  • Remediation contracts

When dealing with multiple owners and tenants, legal issues arise. Periodic meetings need to be held to approve repair funding, administrator appointments and injunctions to resolve disputes and deadlocks. In addition, allocation is needed to pay for repair levies between various lot sections and types.

Developers, consultants, contractors, suppliers and municipalities need to be accountable for the costs of repairing building envelope, mechanical, structural and electrical defects. We advise strata corporations on these claims and find solutions through arbitration, mediation and litigation.

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