Environmental Lawyers in Vancouver BC

Helping Clients With Remediation of Contaminated Sites

Environmental law is a complex area of our legal practice. We have experience and legal knowledge, in addition to a network of industry professionals, to help us build cases for clients dealing with contaminated sites and environmental claims.

Since 1997, the Greater Vancouver law firm of Lesperance Mendes has represented clients in environmental law cases. Founder and partner Robert Lesperance serves as chairperson of our environmental practice group. His background as a partner with a large law firm is combined with personalized representation for clients who come to our law office.

Our legal services include the following:

  • Claims to recover the costs of remediating contaminated sites and property
  • Representing Energy Companies in claims of contamination caused by leaking underground gasoline storage tanks
  • Representing home owners in claims involving leaking residential underground storage tanks
  • Remediation cost recovery lawsuits under the Environmental Management Act and appeals before the Environmental Appeal Board
  • Submissions to the Ministry of Environment to secure approvals in principle and other administrative applications, including those for certificates of compliance for contaminated sites

Vancouver Environmental Lawyers Teaming With Industry-Respected Experts

Our lawyers know the environmental laws applicable in British Columbia. Strong cases can be built with the help of professionals in the industry. Our network includes leading environmental consultants in the province who provide us with insight concerning our clients’ cases.

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