Strata Property Law in Vancouver

Governance, Collection Matters and Bylaw Enforcement

The lawyers at Lesperance Mendes in Vancouver are experienced in the area of strata law, including governance and collection matters and bylaw enforcement.

Since 1997, the Greater Vancouver law firm of Lesperance Mendes has represented condominium owners, strata corporation and property managers in a wide range of strata property law cases. Partner Paul G. Mendes serves as chairperson of our strata property law practice group.

Strata Property Lawyer Practice in Vancouver

At Lesperance Mendes, we help resolve strata law-related claims through mediation, arbitration, or, where necessary, litigation in specific areas that involve:

  • Governance of a strata, including drafting of by-laws and reviewing of consulting contracts, tender packages and remediation contracts. Ongoing legal needs involve periodic meetings to approve repair funding, appoint administrators and attempts to resolve owner-to-owner deadlocks.
  • Advisement of strata corporations and owners on new warranty claims — also known as “2-5-10” — and building envelope renovation warranty claims. This often requires allocation of repair levies among different strata lot sections and types.
  • Recovering from developers, consultants, contractors, suppliers and municipalities the cost of repairing building envelope, mechanical, structural or electrical defects
  • Representing owners who discover poor soil conditions in subsidence claims
  • Bylaw enforcement, which becomes necessary once bylaws have been drafted and approved. Legal assistance is often needed to enforce rules that have been violated.
  • Collections and forced sales, options that are available when monthly strata fees, fines and special levies remain unpaid. Legal action is necessary and oftentimes includes the procurement of Mareva injunctions to prevent the defendant’s transfer of assets prior to mediation or trial.
  • Advising purchasers of defective property regarding breach of contract claims and seller and realtor negligence.

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