Incorporation and Corporate Records Management

Providing Modern and Innovative Corporate Records Management

From facilitating the incorporation process to managing corporate records, at Lesperance Mendes, we help our business clients. We take the steps necessary to incorporate and manage companies so that corporate records are properly maintained and stored.

Our corporate records department features the following time-saving services for business corporate professionals:

  • Electronic filing
  • Annual filings
  • Corporate resolutions, including those for directors and officers
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Licensing agreements

Vancouver Incorporation Lawyers Providing Ongoing Legal Counsel

At Lesperance Mendes, we establish corporations that provide area businesses with credibility and prestige. Such services include:

  • Creation of the corporation
  • Maintenance of corporate records and minutes of required meetings, election of directors and sharing of standard information to shareholders
  • Effective tax planning with accountants

The benefits of forming a corporation are numerous. It provides limited liability for debts and other obligations. Creditors can only go after the assets of the corporation, not the assets belonging to the shareholders. A corporation enjoys a perpetual existence that is not dependent on shareholders, directors or officers. Potential sources of capital can be far greater, as are the tax advantages.

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